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How is electronic passenger ticket dealt with board the plane formalities
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Deal with board the plane

Opportunity of service of self-help of electronic passenger ticket

After you reach the airport, how is electronic passenger ticket dealt with board the plane formalities? Two kinds of means can choose to change boarding check for you:
  1, the bar of opportunity of self-help type cost of the airport deals with board the plane:
The first pace, id number test and verify (if new edition Id is on the machine,scan can, old edition Id needs to input number) .
The 2nd pace, machine window can hint whether be airline constant passenger, if, need to input number of constant traveler check, if deny, had jumped.
The 3rd pace, machine window can show airliner seat distributinging picture, can choose a place according to proper motion of his be fond of.
The 4th pace, take boarding check.

   2, deal with to bar running a bill board the plane
Need to give Id only the staff member of bar running a bill, can exchange boarding check.

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