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Add privilege of baggage of boat new immigrant
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3 2 = 89? Come 7 years since this day on April 20, add boat to roll out " privilege of baggage of immigrant of lukewarm Ge Huaxin " activity. The free baggage forehead of the new emigrant guest that is Wengehua through mobile destination can be amounted to89Kilogram. Specific and applicable condition is as follows: 1. Destination is new immigrant of Wengehua, can consign everybody freely 3 baggage, every do not exceed 23 kilograms (the standard consigns impediment measure: Long wide tall do not exceed 158 centimeters) , in all 69 kilograms 2. Portable baggage two, every do not exceed 10 kilograms (the standard carries impediment measure: Refer to the manual that add ship) , in all 20 kilograms 3. The set out on April 20 to 7 years AC30 airliner since this day 4. Cabin seat or berth is not restricted, adult, children is not restricted 5. Apply to the visitor of the ticket gives in chinese mainlandNote: 1.Buy a ticket to reach when boarding the plane, the guest must produce new emigrant paper 2. Make clear in the OSI when giving a bill: NEW IMM/ 3PCS AC30 ONLY 3. The others course consigns baggage to press normal regulation, everybody is two, every 23 kilograms 4. Excess baggage collects fees surely by normal compasses

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