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The very useful little skill that reserves international airline ticket
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One, the price differ in thousands ways of international airline ticket, main factor:

1, is go-off off-season be still busy season?

Will tell commonly, annual in March, mixed in June in October, busy season is by December, other time is off-season. The fare of busy season of course a little a bit more expensive.

2, be arrive directly or a favourable turn?

Go to the United States for instance Detroit, it is OK also to can arrive directly classics Canada a favourable turn, fare is different. Nonstop is general a little a few more expensive, but province time.

3, be brunt airline or other company?

General a course has or two brunt airline, other airline also provides a service, but likelihood the airliner is less, time grows a little a bit, but fare is cheap. By boreal Europe for instance the plane of airline goes to Paris, it is likely and cheap to compare those who multiply French airline.

4, the accident of retention period? OPEN (not definite date) or not?

Airline ticket going there and back needs to agree commonly probably return trip time, time grows fare more more expensive. The airline ticket that keeps 3 months for instance and the airline ticket that keep half an year differ about 500 yuan.

5, on the weekend or other red-letter day

Of course, the fare that reachs holiday on the weekend wants expensive.

2, when to order a ticket?

A lot of clients obtain visa ability is anxious look for those who order a ticket everywhere, already lose time cannot go out possibly on time again row. The measure that buys airline ticket to have two keys actually orders ticket and give a bill:

1, ordering a ticket is you offer full name, time to wait to represent the course that offer all sorts of alternatives for you and is your obligate information in airline ticket system by the sale. Order a ticket to need not pay fee. We suggest you order a ticket as early as possible.

2, giving a bill is the course that your remittance gets actual airline ticket. Each airline undertakes before set out the system clears 7 days commonly, so you are sure to give a bill 7 days before set out, cannot get the airline ticket that reserve possibly otherwise.

3, another kind often buys airline ticket " flying guest " , and it is the person with psychological nicer quality, often be in shift to an earlier date 3 days, even time of 1 day will book airline ticket, and often can get very low airline ticket price. Because airline clears in before date setting out 3 days of metropolises normally,this is seat (the representative calls clear cabin) , what book but the OK seat that did not give a bill cancels, such seats came out for nothing. Nevertheless, this means risk is inevitable, so the proposal should exercise psychological quality first, experience accumulates certain level, implement this strategy again!

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