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The advantage of electronic airline ticket
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 Previously - buy traditional paper ticket:

Before going out by plane every time when you, should phone aviation booking office to inquire the airliner, airline ticket that order, skill hands in money, skill to take a bank note, await cash reserve in a bank of airline ticket, preparation. . . . . . Take time is arduous!

Outside learning tomorrow early in the morning to need to be gone to by plane when you the ground and when dot of airline ticket be commissioned to sell sth has come off work,

The plane that should take when you is about to take off inside 90 minutes, and when your airline ticket has not been bought,

When your body ground managing other needs airline ticket change the date, do the long-distance telephone bill of high specified number and flow of trival change the date make you irritated deeply irritated how to do?

Now - buy electronic passenger ticket:

Electronic passenger ticket need not deserve to send, after buying a success, by effective certificate and journey sheet ID can pass An Jianshun benefit to take a scheduled flight
Bar is on duty to deal with in the electronic passenger ticket of the airport in the meantime board the plane when formalities, at the same time can can exchange submit an expense account proof (T4 couplet) .
Want a phone only or application of a change the date is submitted on the net, the waits to let you airline ticket that does not arrive 10 minutes is relaxed change the date, the special offer airline ticket that each airline rolls out for electronic ticket only offerred the optimal way that saves a travel cost for you. The advantage of use electron passenger ticket?
Calm ticket is convenient, simple. Electronic passenger ticket is ordered, the lot turns, change can come true through Internet directly with return a ticket. The passenger seizes the opportunity to go to the lavatory. The passenger takes any scheduled flights, simply awaits bar of business affairs of electron of office of machine building home setting out to the airport, assistance of person specially assigned for a task is dealt with board the plane formalities, beardless him passenger is in await value opportunity bar is searched inside machine building.
Below certain condition, the price that buys electronic passenger ticket is more more favourable than traditional airline ticket.
Once traditional airline ticket is missing or did not carry, will not seize the opportunity; And the fare that buys electronic passenger ticket does not have this worry, need only to recieve personnel to issue effective certificate to be like Id, can seize the opportunity.

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