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What is electronic passenger ticket?
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Electronic passenger ticket is the world's at present most advanced airline ticket form, it is the data logging of a kind of electron of airline ticket of average paper quality. It is relied on order, from harbor, settle accounts the data of 3 old systems is exchanged, implementation is changed without paper, the electron changes order ticket, settle accounts and deal with seize the opportunity the whole process such as formalities, bring a lot of advantage to airline, passenger. To the passenger, electronic passenger ticket pays the support that waits for a technology through phone, Internet and electron, make the procedure that order a ticket more convenient and quick, passenger never leave home can self-help finishs the airline ticket that order, need not pay to counter of carry out ticket again, saved the time that buy a ticket; Once,changed airline ticket of traditional paper quality missing or did not carry the defect that will not board the plane, the passenger needs to be able to be dealt with by effective identity document only seize the opportunity formalities; Although your body is in different ground to need to carry a network only, yi Ke buys electronic ticket easily, and the formalities such as change the date of conduction airline ticket.

The period of efficacy of electronic passenger ticket and common passenger ticket are identical. The passenger goes up through the net above all the system that order a ticket or the phone orders airline ticket, use credit card to undertake disbursement through the bank on the net, pay the seat after the success to be able to decide, be equivalent to the airline ticket on traditional sense giving bill success right now, what just replace is this piece of airline ticket with " electron " means record is in all of computer science department of airline.

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