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Ticket prices will come down on New Year broad based
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21 Jinjiang Fei lowest 870 yuan ticket Hong Kong, 22, has risen to 1,000 yuan. Reporter yesterday from the country's tourism Web site of a large query that, with the Christmas, New Year's Day two coming through the November to early December a small light Quarters of the aviation market, the recent pick up signs. Quanzhou, a small ticket agency staff, told reporters the macro, just in time for Christmas weekend this year, coincides with the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival to celebrate all forms of organized activities, a comprehensive tour of Northeast snow into the season, the northeast To have the ticket prices go up. If Jinjiang Fei Beijing on December 22 the lowest 820 yuan fare, Dec. 24 rose to 1070 yuan; Jinjiang Fei fare Harbin 22 December 1333 yuan, Dec. 24 rose to 1904 yuan. Christmas Jinjiang to Hong Kong air ticket bookings have increased significantly, with six or seven hundred dollars a month ago, the ticket price compared to Hong Kong during Christmas ticket prices to fly four or five hundred dollars. Industry sources, two weeks after the New Year's Day fare in the majority of routes will be slightly down, until a week before Chinese New Year fare will rise again. To Jinjiang Fei Shanghai, for example, 27 January 2011 the lowest ticket prices 581 yuan, January 30, 2011 rose to 938 yuan.
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