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Hongqiao Airport Free shuttle bus to cancel the subway ferry in question
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With the main line rail cross-section of 10 lines connecting Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao yesterday's train station, and from the Hongqiao Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of the free shuttle bus from this morning officially canceled, passengers for the two between the system conversion, you can take the 10 line, the use of rail to pay "ferry." However, open, free car ferry, some passengers unhappy, because now turn to the Hongqiao airport terminal, subway fees have to spend 3 dollars, take a train station line 10. "The proposed airport and the MTR Corporation to communicate to passengers holding tickets that day for a short distance to the subway for free tickets for the ferry do not have to dig into their pockets." Responded that the airport, Hongqiao Airport car ferry was originally located, only a very small part of the day is the need to transfer the passenger terminal. "We spent millions of dollars for this, but not one hundred percent benefit to air travelers." It is reported that the MTR Airport Group is working with companies, bus companies to communicate with the public, hoping to find a better solution.
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