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Beautiful flight attendants for the Zhuhai Air Show booth enriched air
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Where there is beauty, not where the lack of attention. Whether in auto or in the air show, the beautiful women always attract the attention of everyone, but also often become the focus of the audience comments. Zhuhai Airshow in the current Civil Aviation of China a dozen stand, shape beautiful, graceful flight attendants who smile with their sweet and well-trained professional quality air booth credit to add color. Top Ten debut CAA flight attendants booth style industry 17, in the "2010 Top Ten Civil Aviation of China Zhuhai Air Show flight attendants, the eighth named ambassador cum selection of activities" to win the 17 best flight attendants came to the CAA booth, trade show presence. When the flight attendants wear uniforms airlines were smiling in the collective appearance of the CAA booth Hall 1, one immediately caused a great sensation all over the audience moments coming from the pavilion, surrounded by the booth , then flashed the flash. 17 beautiful young flight attendants sign language interpretation of the song "Start Here" and uniform action drew bursts of applause the audience, said that the show flight attendants to use only one day rehearsal time to complete. Subsequently, they displayed and distributed to the audience, "China Civil Aviation Report Zhuhai Air Show Special" again sparked the enthusiasm of the audience, many of the audience picked up the newspaper to read with great interest, from time to time nodding approval. Flying Home "twins" quasi flight attendant service with a smile patiently explained "You are twins, right? Was a test of the flight attendants do?" For such problems, the flight academy reception booth to do the two little girls had become accustomed. Since this has been carried out in Zhuhai Air Show, an open day as long as the stadium, they stood in front of the booth Flight School, reception and from the audience, but many viewers think that after seeing the two of them are twins. At first glance, the two little girls are indeed very similar, the same palm cheeks, big eyes, high nose, small mouth, quite tall, even the gentle voices are sounding the same. "We are not twins, are good students." Doubts little girl to see a reporter, explained to reporters. It is understood that they are flying school sophomore students in professional flight attendants, the air show they are often asked not twins. "Always be people that ask, do not bother you?" "Do not bother, it shows a lot of people looking at the flight academy, every time they meet someone asked us to explain the pictures and the other, by the way tell us about the situation of our college." Temperament elegant buildings into the air by the air show "film killer" Booth at the Xiamen Airlines, has gathered a lot of the audience figure, the reporter observed in the side for some time finally found the reason - is Xiamen Airlines attracted by the elegance of the eyes of the majority of exhibitors, attract them to stop in the booth, and these qualities elegant flight attendants who became the air show real "film killer." In order to demonstrate the air show a good image by Xiamen Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, flight attendants, specially sent six best to Zhuhai, they become a flash in the focus of the air show. Xiamen Airlines booth reporters saw a clear division of six flight attendants, some in the audience distributing promotional materials and commemorative badges, and some always keep smiling photo with the requirements of the audience. In addition, the flight attendants were the talent show also attracted the audience to gather around, "Thankful," "Fujian tea fragrance," the elegant dance to attract many visitors stop at the Xiamen Airlines booth attracted numerous flash.
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