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Interim city settled a discount ticket
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Spring Festival is coming, but high ticket prices to go home for white-collar work in the foreign land is not a small expenditure. However, if you choose Wuhan, Hangzhou, transfer relay, not only travel more convenient, the highest toll could save nearly thousand dollars. Yesterday, the work of a foreign company in Shanghai, Miss Tang to save money from the Internet to find a peace of mind tricks --- Wuhan transit from home can save nearly thousand dollars. This so-called "smart home law," the post, has been reproduced from Ctrip to multiple sites, fueled blitz. The so-called "smart home law" means: in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities to work white-collar workers, the day before New Year's Eve is February 12, take the transit train to cities such as cheap air tickets, Wuhan, take the next 2 13 aircraft back in the second and third tier cities in the home. Home in Chengdu Miss Tang is so arranged: Advance February 13 airline tickets from Wuhan to Chengdu, in February 12 after work, take a train to Wuhan Hankou, February 13 and take a flight booked back to Home New Year. The whole trip than to fly direct from Shanghai to Chengdu, saving nearly 800 million. Press inquiries found that similar "smart home law," there are many. Such as Shanghai to Chongqing, February 12 direct full-price 1490 yuan, if the first train to Wuhan, and then travel from Wuhan to Chongqing 13 aircraft, there are 360 tickets minimum 4.5 fold, even with the train and in the Wuhan catch a taxi costs, this trip can save at least 800 yuan. In addition, Hangzhou is also a popular transit point. Shanghai Fei Urumqi, February 13 minimum 2,240 yuan, but flew to Urumqi, from Hangzhou for as little as 1,380 yuan. From Shanghai to Hangzhou, the traffic is very convenient, but also save more than 1,000 yuan. The February 13, Hangzhou, Chengdu, flying the lowest 880 yuan, the lowest was 1210 yuan in Shanghai, Hangzhou and then first can save a lot by plane. To Wuhan, Hangzhou, as a transit station and take a big New Year's Eve flight home can save 20% -40% of the cost. Industry sources, during the spring, labor output and input the number of trips between the cities vary widely, so ticket prices there is considerable confusion, as a transit point of the city is not in the peak shipping season, a discount ticket. In addition, although most ticket prices during the Spring Festival has been full price, and New Year's Eve day, the ticket price is flexible.
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