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Discounted tickets in Taiwan fell to 8,000 yuan from 8 in Tour
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From the initial 9680 yuan to 9,280 yuan, 8,680 yuan and then to today's 7,980 yuan, Hunan, Taiwan travel products on the market price after the price adjustment after several years, has fallen to less than 8,000 yuan. Reporters yesterday with a delegation from Hunan qualified five travel agents learned that due to discounted tickets and other reasons, Taiwan's tourism products has fallen to the lowest this year.

Yesterday, the provinces CYTS, Huatian Guo brigade, the brigade in Hunan Province, Changsha tours, travel agents and the official website of the Department of store operations on Taiwan's latest offer travel information shows that since mid-August has been the implementation of the various grades offer from late October to reduce the prices by the Executive, such as the original price of 8680 yuan in the "non-stop around the island streaky 8 Tour" price 7980 yuan, 7280 yuan in the original "non-stop around the island to spend four 8 Tour" price 6980 yuan.

Travel Changsha responsible person, double the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday after the National Day, with direct flights to Taiwan airfares and accommodation prices and other factors, local tour operators offer also will be adjusted. After several years has experienced price cuts, the province of Taiwan tour price is lower than the opening up tourism to Taiwan nearly 2,000 yuan.

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