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Shift to an earlier date 30 days to buy airline ticket to hit 2.5 fold but limit
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The reporter learns 31 days, each airline rolled out strong sales promotion step in succession recently, but measure of favourable ticket limitation is much also.

Go out with sales promotion privilege opportunely all right

"Airline rolled out a lot of favourable methods recently, the passenger can save many money. " personage of civil aviaton booking office tells a reporter.

Shift to an earlier date 30 days to buy a ticket, can enjoy tourist class to announce fare (Y cabin) the 2.5 privilege buying a ticket that lose; Shift to an earlier date 15 days to buy a ticket, can enjoy tourist class to announce fare (Y cabin) the 3 privilege buying a ticket that lose! This is the sales promotion measure that Xiamen aviation rolls out to the long-dated client that buy a ticket. In addition, if the passenger buys round-trip passenger ticket on the net, round-trip all can enjoy tourist class to announce fare (Y cabin) the privilege buying a ticket of 5% (except of first-class stateroom cabin) .

And boat also represents the state, bought a nation in September flight ticket gets pair of times mileage. It is reported, came on September 1 on September 30, buy the passenger of airline ticket of line of Beijing beatitude state, can obtain pair of times course of development additional 500 (tourist class) or 1000 (first-class stateroom cabin / businessWu cabin) award of course of development, what accumulate course of development exchangeable include a country boat inside airline ticket of airline of member of all sky alliance.

Shanghai aviation also rolled out favourable airline ticket in my province, if Xiamen comes,the airline ticket price of line of fierce exterminate mountain wants only 2 fold.

Indulgence ticket restricts measure much

Nevertheless, the reporter understands in interview, although indulgence ticket is cheap, but limitative condition is much, it is clear that so the passenger should understand before buy.

For example, xiamen aerial is long-dated the privilege that buy a ticket, do not apply to children and the special fare that compasses of Xiamen Airline guest sets, and be restricted only pay on the net, do not enjoy award of member course of development. It must not be changed, do not get an autograph to turn, do not get return a ticket, when the class effective; Return a ticket retreats the airport to build cost and fuel surtax only. If receive Xiamen Airline flight number,cancel or incur loss through delay, be restricted only sum refund, do not sign turn to other airline scheduled flight. In addition, its selling quantity is forecasted by the system put in, every airliner puts in an amount to differ, do not put in possibly also.

And Xiamen aviation " privilege of round-trip passenger ticket is bought on the net " , the calculation of its return a ticket is more complex also. When return a ticket, answer to return the of 5% privilege that already still enjoyed first, press at the same time not favourable before par fill correspondence of cabin seat or berth poundage of return a ticket of the price and cost rate computation.
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