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Fare giving capital " very hot hand " Beijing is not hit to Hangzhou airline tic
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During the Olympic Games, desolate hill citizen applied young lady and her gentleman to be enjoyed to Beijing " Olympic Games honeymoon " brigade. Yesterday (25 days) , apply a young lady to be ordered on the net time Hangzhou the discovery when airline ticket, beijing rose considerably to the airline ticket price of Hangzhou.

The reporter understands from net of the journey that carry Cheng, 24 a few days ago, the airline ticket price that leaves capital is in smooth condition, begin to rise in the round since 25 days. 26, the fare that Beijing fly to Hangzhou is total value, all airliner airline ticket all does not have a discount, price of 28 days of airline ticket just becomes loose somewhat, begin to appear 6 lose the 8.5 discount privilege that lose. And rise from 29 days, strength of fare criterion occurrence discount is relatively great and relatively stable condition.

With airline ticket giving capital " very hot hand " the phenomenon is contrary, the privilege of rebate of airline ticket price that Hangzhou goes to Beijing is opposite bigger. 27, , hangzhou comes to the lowest of price of partial flight number of Beijing 4 fold. Since 29 days, fare is maintained basically in 3.5 fold to 5 fold. The situation of airline ticket price that reachs Beijing with Hangzhou kindBe like, hangzhou arrives the Olympic Games such as Qingdao assist the airline ticket price that runs a city, the discount that all has different rate these days is favourable.

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