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Auspicious roc aviation rolls out Qingdao to reach Kunming 25 fold a student to
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Reporter from Yunnan auspicious roc aviation is finite liability company (Lucky Air Co. , ltd. , abbreviation " auspicious roc aviation " ) know, from yesterday (28) arrive since day in September the last ten-day of a month, roll out on the line going there and back that this company comes Kunming in Qingdao low buy ticket privilege to the 2.5 students that break, the household concern that by oneself this photocopy and street agency offer original of admission notice of card of student's identification card, teacher, new student or student parent registered permanent residence proves parent of teacher and student, student, to auspicious roc aviation does business each ministry, airport is backup bar, auspicious roc booking office of each business ministry directly under deals with accredit agent and Hai Hang the formalities that order can. The passenger can be passed auspicious roc aviation website inquires or call 4008899737 seek advice.

Additional, come since this day in September the last ten-day of a month, auspicious roc aviation still is rolled out to broad passenger low to the 3 privilege buying a ticket that lose.

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