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Field of Olympic Games of Olympic Games end swims price of hot airline ticket is
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2008 Beijing Olympic Games just ends, many citizens head for travel agent to seek advice from the Olympic Games field such as Beijing, Qingdao travel circumstance. Reporter yesterday (25) day understands from travel agent, roll out Qingdao freedom newly already to go in the light of travel agent of Chongqing citizen demand, and Beijing swims should when September incomplete the ability after abstruse meeting returns to normal formally.

As we have learned, beijing Olympic Games just concludes, airline ticket price has begun to rise. Travel agent expresses, swim now Beijing is medium-priced, be in about 1800 the left and right sides. Valence does not consider airline ticket and hotel room expensive, but as a result of partial trailer coach by governmental take over for use, nonlocal trailer coach still cannot enter Beijing, in addition car still is in start off of limitative only even numbers, because this trailer coach held the big head of charge. A trailer coach wants fixed rent for farmland or house 4800 yuan a day, and at ordinary times 1000 yuan or so but v/arc rent land or a house for subletting a day. Such circumstance will last to incomplete abstruse meeting ends, at the appointed time Beijing travel will return to normal truly. "EstimationFuture can become the heat that the citizen travels 5 years. " travel agent chief says.

And the another race site of this Olympic Games Qingdao, also became the new heat of Chongqing citizen go on a journey. "The group of a 100 much people is about to set out. " travel agent controller tells a reporter. For this, travel agent also rolled out free travel first in the light of Qingdao, it is 4~5 day commonly, above of SamSung class hotel, want airline ticket discount not to rise only, 1000 multivariate can embark on a journey. It is reported, wait besides ground of match of park of theme of visiting Olympic Games, caique to Qingdao, still can visit city of dress of construction of type of place's distinguished industrial garden area, heart, Korea to wait.

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