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Deep boat is rolled out " domestic formula " airline ticket family buys ticket l
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Reporter 24 days from Shenzhen aviation finite liability company (Shenzhen Airlines Ltd. , abbreviation " deep boat " ) Guiyang business ministry learns, arrive since this day on September 27, 2008, came on October 10, 2008 during December 29, 2008, it is an unit to buy airline ticket to ministry of deep boat business Guiyang with the family, lowest can be bought 4 lose airline ticket.

Do business according to deep boat Guiyang a staff member introduction, the passenger should pass registered permanent residence only this or be born card, proving its relative relationship is the member inside a family (not be relation of directly-related members of one's family -parents certainly) , buy 3 people or the airline ticket of 3 person above, can shift to an earlier date to apply for to buy favourable airline ticket to booking office of deep boat Guiyang in before the airliner takes off 15 days. Applicable course has: Guiyang -- Shenzhen, Guiyang -- Guangzhou, Guiyang -- Shenyang course lowest the 4 privilege that lose, guiyang -- Nanjing, Guiyang -- Chongqing, Guiyang -- Zhengzhou, Guiyang -- Chengdu course lowest the 5 privilege that lose. The detail can seek advice from 0851-5282800 of booking office of deep boat Guiyang.

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