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Inferior boat rolls out 1 million pieces of free airline ticket to have a good s
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Cheap airline of airline Malaysia Asia (AirAsia Berhad) , will nowadays (26) stop to this Sunday since zero hour of day before dawn, roll out million piece free airline ticket offers a citizen order on the net, make global passenger organic can have a good swim freely each district, seat number more pervade many cities, if Australia, Bangkok, Qing Dynasty is stridden, in kuala lumpur, Jakarta, 峇, Guilin, Hangzhou, want ability of month of next year 4-7 to set out nevertheless.

Asian aviation announces to roll out global synchronism to undertake yesterday " million piece free airline ticket " big move, the date that order by Hong Kong time before dawn zero hour rises today, to this month 31 days till, the seat number includes Asian aviation to be in all course of southeast Asia, and its are long-distance the course that the company flies to Australia and Chinese Hangzhou. Free airline ticket is confined to order on the net, the passenger that have fun at can ascend Asia aviation to sell a website, select range date and site, airline ticket is divided with arriving first firstOutside getting, also must book a circumstance to send by the seat number that day, all airline ticket all must come to was used on July 31 on April 1 at next year.

Asian aviation announces at the same time, open contact Hong Kong and Bangkok airliner, predict to debutted in October, at present Shang Yu a few jobs are discussed with place of this harbor civil aviaton, predicting fortnight can be solved. Asian aviation spokesman expresses, as a result of Bangkok range relatively kuala lumpur is nearly one hour short, it is certain to believe Bangkok range fare relatively kuala lumpur is low. Additional, the Asian aviation airliner of Hong Kong of the contact since tomorrow and Ji Long Bo, will by original everyday, add to everyday two, increase the flight number that sets out by Hong Kong newly, will in the evening 8:50 take off, the next day before dawn arrives at kuala lumpur 45 minutes, although passenger or money of hotel of overpay of can earlier chance, but because local hotel price is lower, believe fare still has certain appeal.

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