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Guiyang is born anew greatly order deep flight ticket 5 course can enjoy privile
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Reporter 23 days from Shenzhen aviation finite liability company (Shenzhen Airlines Ltd. , abbreviation " deep boat " ) Guiyang business ministry learns, come since this day on September 30, be born anew greatly can buy low discount one-way airline ticket, the parent can buy airline ticket of privilege of Cheng going there and back.

Do business according to deep boat Guiyang a staff member introduction, every is held this year the entrant of college admission notice, can shift to an earlier date 5 days to apply for privilege to booking office of deep boat Guiyang, the student can have 1, 2 parents are accompanied, the student can enjoy Guiyang -- Shenzhen, Guiyang -- Guangzhou 3.5 lose privilege, guiyang -- Chongqing, Guiyang -- Zhengzhou, Guiyang -- Chengdu 4 lose privilege, the parent can be enjoyed 4 fold - 5 lose privilege going there and back. The detail can seek advice from   of 0851-5282800 of booking office of deep boat Guiyang 5283800.

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