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Pu Jiang visits boat electron passenger ticket to become a decoration
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Same a steamer ticket that visits a boat, have many different price however. "The golden week " during, the day that riverside Jiang You sees recieves passenger flow to exceed 20 thousand person-time. However the reporter is dark yesterday the discovery after visitting, the electronic passenger ticket that although remove all yacht companies to begin to use plain code from May 1,marks a price, but many acting dots sell steamer ticket with low to take a settle or live in a strange place, the electronic passenger ticket that is normative fare market originally exists in name only.

Yesterday evening 5 when make, the reporter will be located in the close water platform near Jin Lingdong road, this paragraph of inadequacy is having the load port city of several yacht company on 200 meters road, the steamer ticket representative here is nodded almost every other has 10 meters. Writing in " 28 " the acting site that photography selects, the staff member offers a piece of value to the reporter with 90 yuan price 100 yuan steamer ticket, this visits a boat is company of ship of upper reaches of strong unboiled water " rose princess " date. In distance here another 100 meters be commissioned to sell sth is nodded, same vessel steamer ticket needs 70 yuan only. After the reporter enquires, discover, almost every visit a boat to having 2-3 different price, only collective place is under par the price that go up.
A controller of yacht company tells a reporter, 37 are shared to visit a boat at present on yellow Pu Jiang, cent belongs to 10 yacht company, to be in passenger source of busy season loot, ill will depreciates the circumstance of carry out ticket already common occurance.
The electronic passenger ticket that executes for disorder of fare of keep within limits originally, why was firm mount guard become " decoration " ? The personage inside course of study expresses, electronic passenger ticket serves as by ship contract proof, no matter be viatic group,still come loose the guest wants one person one ticket ability ascends a boat. But it is the norms that united steamer ticket merely, controlled exceed carry out, did not form couplet network to the price however, bring about superintend and execute the law the branch cannot check fare, gave a representative to nod ill will to depreciate so competitive opportunity.

Does travel pay cash pledge of a huge sum to put a risk to challenge " tower of exceeding lofty or great " does investigation companion swim Miss = ? Open additional policeman of the check side the increase of fare of careless of palpitant memory golden week of kind of crowd holiday opens effective prescription to remind holiday Shanghai day all 1500 wedding help marriage group busy save a flower child to demand exceeds supply imitate of obtain employment of contest of invite applications for a job of imitate of first college of Shanghai is taken an examination of, did you pass a test,examination,etc. ? For " star old practice is put on the ice " display sing a text Qu Tianliang is maiden sing too nervous body to manage flow of day of gold a sector of an area nevertheless street of 1930 amorous feelings becomes 100 people grand ceremony of motion of limit of street of cold and cheerless kicks off in Shanghai the fault becomes the train opposite side
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