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The phone orders electronic ticket to should check discretion
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Report from our correspondent recently, the reporter understands from concerned branch, after electronic airline ticket is enabled, consumer experience goes to the lavatory to what buy airline ticket with quick. Nevertheless electronic airline ticket is being used a lot of problems also appeared in the process. Harbin city is versed in allege of management board of commercial firm politics informs against a center 12315 in what released recently consumption was complained March say in the analysis, the issue of Wu of ticket of electronic airline ticket that heard March is complained relatively the corresponding period grew last year severalfold.

As we have learned, electronic airline ticket complains content to basically be centered in much money receiving a bill, without reason to cancel the airline ticket, respect such as poundage of collection of return a ticket. A consumer is complained say, he orders bought airline ticket in airline ticket be commissioned to sell sth, the ability when boarding the plane discovers the full name clerical error on airline ticket of general of the other side, bring about oneself to cannot board the plane, be forced to buy airline ticket separately in the airport. Consumer considers as be commissioned to sell sth dot responsibility, return a ticket of demand the other side recoups immediate loss, suffer the other side protracted solve.
Similar because full name and certificate not agree with,bring about the case that cannot board the plane to happen from time to tome so, enable in electronic ticket especially later. Concerned personage warns customer, before buying airline ticket, should understand the means of airline ticket of the electron that order and technological process, choose normal ticket Wu representative; Answer to check fare discount with all possible means, do not covet fare is low, credulous " black representative " , lest bill section is cheated. When using the form such as phone, network to order a ticket, had better take note ahead of schedule by, check par information correct errors, whether are the alignment code that full name, Id date, airline ticket should notice to go up when the passenger checks electronic airline ticket and number of electronic passenger ticket had by accident. In the meantime, consumer should understand place to order airline ticket to whether exist beforehand can change the use limitation condition such as autograph, change or return a ticket, avoid to produce controversy in the airport, delay the journey. (Heilongjiang daily)

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