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SITA help develops strategy of electronic passenger ticket
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Chinese southern airline is presiding information officer Hu Chenjie says, "We are in made decision-making advancement go endless and difficult negotiation. Chinese southern airline decides finally to choose the compositive platform of SITA, because it will conduce to the target of the supports us to make Asian come first on the list airline with the IT strong capability that optimizes us,be. To Na Hang character, a of SITA significant advantage is it has the whole world to enclothe the GDS with the widest range. A of SITA significant advantage is it has the whole world to enclothe the GDS with the widest range..
2006, accumulative total of Chinese southern airline sends a guest 49.21 million person-time, gross income amounts to 46.54 billion yuan of RMBs (add up to) of 5.97 billion dollar. The Boeing that Chinese southern airline has 259 modernization in all 777, 747, 757, 737 planes and airbus A330, 321, the 320 jet aircraft with 300 type, management move spreads all over China, Asia and whole world many 600 home of 142 cities and international course.
SITA north inferior reach Dalton of   of Paul of Pacific Area vice-president to say, "This is an important milestone to SITA, the first agreement that the person that because it is us,be the same as Chinese aviation industry signs. SITA compositive platform is unique, because of it can with almost agreements of all viatic application software undertake alternant, include airline to book system and GDS, and the new application such as Internet and self-help service interface.
Paul   Dalton still expresses, "The solution has this IT very good can upgrade quality, it can make airline has the capacity that answers quickly, in order to satisfy the market demand of constant change. It can drive business transition through developing more sale channel effectively, and can provide Wu of all customer service of as usual travel and efficiency can raise the short message of 3 times to inform a service at most, leave deep impression to the passenger with this. Leave deep impression to the passenger with this..
Group of international aviation telecommunications (SITA) is the solution of banner IT business affairs inside world airborne trade and communication service provider. SITA passes the world's largest communication network to carry client, government client and GDS client to manage complex communication solution for its aviation, the adviser that offers communication to serve design, array and integrated field serves. The extensive airline that SITA provides and airport application and service include airport operation and integrated baggage service, common with the desktop operation of service, airliner is mixed empty right communication and end are right carry airline sale and passenger ticket service.
SITA has two main subsidiary:  NAir   - technology of the mobile telephone in taking the lead in will flying is pushed to the market, and   of CHAMP   Cargosystems - on the world it is exclusively only airborne the IT company that provides a service. SITA still sets two joint ventureses that provide a service to airborne course of study: Aviareto offers airlines assets to run a service, certiPath provides management of safe electron identity, they initiate the Internet domain name that organized the superlative degree that preserves for aviation industry only to fasten, .
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