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Experience of electronic airline ticket complains a height
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Report of our newspaper reporter receives bill section, without reason to cancel poundage of collection of airline ticket, return a ticket more... electronic airline ticket was started in the round in October last year hind, experience complained a height recently. Yesterday, according to city industrial and commercial bureau 12315 centers bulletin says, accepted problem of Wu of ticket of aviation electron airline ticket to complain 18 in all March, relatively the corresponding period grew 5 last year times.

■ " black ticket Wu " rely on a discount to earn price difference

One consumer orders bought airline ticket in airline ticket be commissioned to sell sth, the ability when boarding the plane discovers the full name clerical error on airline ticket of general of the other side, consumer cannot board the plane, be obliged to buy airline ticket separately in the airport. Consumer considers as be commissioned to sell sth dot responsibility, return a ticket of demand the other side recoups immediate loss, suffer the other side protracted solve. As we have learned, similar this kind nots agree with because of full name and certificate bring about the case that cannot board the plane to happen from time to tome.

Additional, still have reader report, the electronic airline ticket that buys from hand of ticket Wu representative, paid the 4 price that change obviously, but when because reason wants to cancel airline ticket,waiting for them, discovering airline ticket of this piece of electron however is to press 3 those who lose a bill, the passenger because this loss brushstroke money. "Black ticket Wu " order to airline according to passenger demand, after affirming airline ticket value, the journey that prints under the counter in oneself prints a higher airline ticket price on sheet, earn price difference thereby.

City industrial and commercial bureau 12315 complain a center to remind, before buying airline ticket, should understand the means of airline ticket of the electron that order and technological process, choose normal ticket Wu representative; Answer to check fare discount with all possible means, do not covet fare is low, credulous " black representative " , lest bill section is cheated. When using the form such as phone, network to order a ticket, had better take note ahead of schedule by, check par information correct errors.

In the meantime, consumer should understand place to order airline ticket to whether exist beforehand can change the use limitation condition such as autograph, change or return a ticket, avoid to produce controversy in the airport, delay the journey. After the passenger takes journey sheet, return the true bogus that can log onto Http:// website to check electronic airline ticket. Passenger ticket of electron of Chinese civil aviaton serves a hot line: 4008158888.

■ beware building intermediary play tricks

An old gentleman entrusts company of some building intermediary to buy secondhand room, the price is 397000 yuan, bilateral agreement deals with formalities of building change the name of owner in a register after 7 days. But this company is protracted first formalities of conduction change the name of owner in a register, put forward to hand in 50 thousand yuan poundage again by old gentleman again after. Old gentleman soon the money earned by hard toil of lifetime scrape up should hit water to float, be forced to be complained to door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Industrial and commercial execute the law after personnel passes investigation, think, 50 thousand yuan of change the name of owner in a register did not pay the clause of poundage in the contract buying a house that both sides signs, the company rejects to deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register for consumer is behavior of a kind of break a contact, instruct this company to return old gentleman finally whole house money.
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