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11 airline acceptance improves electronic passenger ticket
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Consumer is complained house is tall no less than, electronic airline ticket " applaud not draw a large audience " situation hopeful gets changing. In city disappear of industrial and commercial bureau, city is protected appoint below support, 11 airline such as Dong Hang rolled out first in the whole nation yesterday " passenger ticket of Shanghai aviation carriage electron serves convention " on sign, acceptance is cogent the legitimate rights and interests that defends broad consumer, improve the service quality of airline.  
The disappear that occupy town is protected appoint statistic, consumer is right 2005 of electronic airline ticket complain for 2100 person-time, rose to 2500 person-time 2006. After complained content basically involves a net to go up or the phone orders electronic airline ticket, discover to the airport the data of number of full name, effective identity document and input nots agree with, cannot deal with board the plane formalities; The ticket is ordered to be informed by carry information on the net not complete, include each airline to carry passenger of summer condition, each course portable or the circumstance that consigns baggage, forehead is spent etc; Still have when producing abnormal flight number, as a result of the operating system not perfect cause a passenger to deal with change autograph, label pass on add is complex and cause flight number of incur loss through delay.  
City disappear is protected appoint think, the electronic airline ticket that buys as a result of consumer place is fictitious several string actually date, once tort behavior happens, collect evidential difficulty bigger. Next, consumer reading is offerred on paper airline ticket " passenger notice " carrier was lost after reaching airliner information to be carried out in electronic airline ticket, the authority of know the inside story of consumer cannot get safeguard.  
11 airline were signed yesterday " service convention " , affirmatory consumer: The name that publishs airline to order the ticket network address, phone that order a ticket and place to belong to business point of carry out ticket, address and connection means, guide consumer to buy a ticket through lawful and normal channel.  
■ create the service department that accepts aviation to carry electronic passenger ticket to complain, announce a service to supervise a phone, effectively processing consumer is complained and controversy.  
■ the specification that provides aviation to carry electronic passenger ticket to use a method and " passenger notice " .  
■ remind consumer to check after buying a ticket concerned identity registers information of information, airliner information, airline ticket price; Inform consumer to be able to get aviation to carry electronic passenger ticket to purchase the way of the proof and time limit; Inform deal with change autograph, autograph to turn, the return a ticket operation technological process that changes behaviour and note.  
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