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Buy Shenzhen electron airline ticket to be careful to be duped
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Yesterday, mr Li that works in provincial mechanism is a bit depressed, because of change of journey bussiness trip, defer go to Beijing, he goes country return a ticket of boat booking office, what write on sheet of journey of electronic passenger ticket obviously as a result is 800 yuan price, working personnel of the airline when return a ticket says to buy fare case actually to be 600 yuan only however, can retreat 600 yuan only. So, how are 200 yuan of this among them price difference to return a responsibility? He reflected a condition to our newspaper.
The author finds a country Shi Xugao of general manager of boat Hangzhou business department understands a situation. He says, this is electronic passenger ticket after carrying out, recently on airline ticket market new occurrence strange phenomenon, investigate its reason, ticket dealer opens sham journey sheet to earn price difference to cause.
According to introducing, since 2006, majority passenger uses the paper passenger ticket that buys electronic passenger ticket to replace a tradition, dealing with board the plane when formalities, the passenger should show id card only, airline working personnel can examine pertinent information from inside computer and deal with for its seize the opportunity formalities, need not read the journey sheet in passenger hand again, while this brings advantage to airline and passenger, also gave dealer of a few tickets an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage.
Ticket dealer people the false blank route that uses illicit of factory of come off work is in the ground to imprint is only, oneself print discount and price, make a false report and hold at will accuse par value to cheat a passenger. For instance, what ticket dealer buys on sb's behalf from airline or passenger of side of point of normal representative point is the 5 airline ticket that lose, but became however on the journey sheet that gives a passenger 7 fold, this among them the 2 price difference that fold became him " profit " .
Because journey sheet is merely,submit an expense account and proof of return a ticket, dealing with seize the opportunity do not need when formalities, and the passenger can embark on a journey smoothly below majority circumstance, because this makes a holiday this kind,be discovered very hard commonly. Ask till the passenger when return a ticket, the intrigue of ticket dealer talent is real let the cat out of the bag.
Passenger of Shi Xugao proposal, buy a ticket to had better be nodded to the booking office of airline or normal representative buy a ticket, can be in an unfavorable situation on the price not only otherwise, and the journey sheet that because ticket dealer hand is medium,still meets is false bill card, cause the consequence that cannot submit an expense account.

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