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Asias main hot line Cargo Industry
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High oil prices have increased shipping Gongben a test of Asian container shipping companies, prompting the industry to strengthen policies, and targets the popular route, to maintain profitability. Hanjin and Orient Overseas rely on more advanced information system to effectively suppress the Gongben, larger space on the file share. Transport Gongben prompted Western companies to reduce rising purchasing Asian goods, resulting in the container shipping industry in the occasion of high oil prices, but also reduce the problems facing the freight demand, the industry although the increased freight rates, fuel surcharges and airlines do not increase the rate. So the current airline fuel Gongben Gongben total rate of container has been down 10% from the past, to 20 to 30%. Rising fuel Gongben container shipping price is to suppress one of the reasons, but investors are perhaps increase in the use of advanced transportation energy efficiency monitoring system, while sharing information with business partners to enhance the efficiency of container shipping network, find investment opportunities. Some analysts recommend Hanjin Shipping of South Korea, Hong Kong's Orient Overseas aviation industry companies and Taiwan's Wan Hai.
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