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Code of southern aviation civil aviaton
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Calm -- the passenger can wait for means through phone, fax, email or booking office of close copy firm or accredit agent book a seat. Had decided the seat of appropriate, the passenger should buy a ticket inside the time limit that agrees beforehand, otherwise, what decide a seat will not in order to withhold.

Viatic certificate -- the passenger should be bought by effective identity document ticket and seize the opportunity. The sort of effective identity document includes: Card of the dweller Id of Chinese book passenger, police officer, officer testimony; The viatic certificate of resident of area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan brethren; Card of the passport of foreign nationality passenger, journey or diplomat card; Or the other and effective identity document that total bureau of Chinese civil aviaton approves.

16 years old the following minor Chinese book passenger but by student's identification card, booklet of registered residence or issued identity document buys the public security institution of seat of registered permanent residence ticket and seize the opportunity; The serviceman that on business causes damage by " card of revolutionary disable armyman " buy a ticket, the people police that on business causes damage by " people police disables card of comfort and compensate a bereaved family " buy a ticket.

Seat reconfirm -- the couplet Cheng that passenger hold decides appropriate seat or round-trip passenger ticket, if above stays 72 hours in this couplet Cheng or return trip place, station time must leave before two days in this couplet Cheng or return trip airliner midday 12 when previously, formalities of conduction seat reconfirm. Otherwise, decide a seat to will not be withheld formerly.

Passenger ticket -- point to " passenger ticket and luggage check " , write carriage document of the passenger by carrier or deputy delegate carrier, it is the proof of the carriage bond between carrier and passenger. The passenger consigns a Li He to seize the opportunity by passenger ticket.

Passenger ticket is restricted only him passenger is used. What should hold passenger ticket is neat, in good condition, via making over, be regarded as invalidated ballot by alter or misshapen passenger ticket.

Passenger ticket period of efficacy -- the period of efficacy of common and one-way, round-trip or annulus Cheng passenger ticket is a year. If passenger ticket did not begin to use, have consideration from the day that writes; If already began a trip, have consideration from the day that begins a trip. Visit or the period of efficacy of passenger ticket of special type fare, the requirement that sets by this fare is dealt with.

Fare -- fare shows the passenger comes by airport of ground setting out the aviation that reachs ground airport carries the price. Full the children of 12 one full year of life or adult buy a ticket by full price; Full already two one full year of life and not full the children of 12 one full year of life presses full price 50% buy a ticket; Not full the baby of two one full year of life can buy a ticket by the 10 % of full price, but cannot enjoy a place alone, and the passenger of each full price can have a baby only enjoy this kind of fare. Accompany children without the adult or take up the baby of one seat presses full price alone 50% buy a ticket.
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