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The announce of safety of Chinese civil aviaton
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To uphold order of civil aviation public security, ensure the safety of plane and passenger, comply with the State Council " the announce about safety of safeguard civil aviation " , according to state law regulation, special announcement is as follows:

One, forbidden firearms (contain all sorts of emulation peashooter, gun lighter glue other of all sorts of types contain charge model weapon) ammo, armament, alarm article of cutting tool of instrument, control, explosion, combustible explode easily article, virulent. Every is carried or carry secretly of afore-mentioned dangerous article, once fish, hand in public security mechanism to be handled lawfully namely.

2, when the passenger takes a plane, the edge tool beyond control cutting tool (wait for of all kinds cutting tool like kitchen knife, fruit knife, case knife, handicraft knife, scissors, and steel file, Tie Zhui, ax, short rod, hammer) uniform in putting baggage, consign, must not carry, to intended conceal, once fish, hand in public security mechanism to handle namely, by accident machine proper motion is responsible.

3, outside the personnel avoiding check that provides except the country, all guests that take civil aviaton plane must accept safe inspection. Civil aviaton staff member, be stationed in staff of unit of airport procuratorial work, procuratorial work to enter segregation area, must total bureau of hold civil aviaton or mechanism of airport public security are unified make the segregation area pass of hair. When afore-mentioned staff members take a plane, must accept safe inspection by average fare.

4, when taking domestic scheduled flight, the passenger must accept safe inspection through the designation passageway that install check.

5, take domestic flight number to must reach the airport ahead of schedule by formulary time, by passenger ticket and oneself identity document is dealt with seize the opportunity formalities. Passenger of first-class stateroom cabin is portable two portable baggage, tourist class passenger carries a portable baggage definitely only. Bulk does not exceed 20X40X55 centimeter, weight must not exceed 5 kilograms, exceed afore-mentioned of several bulk, of weight, deal with as baggage or goods by the regulation consign formalities. Reject to consign, the airport, airline has authority to reject its to board the plane about personnel.

6, forbidden falsify identity document or risk buy a ticket with other Id, board the plane.

7, forbidden seize the opportunity the passenger uses airline ticket to make carry baggage goods for other, forbidden for the person incidentally article that have never met before.

8, forbidden with any reason interference aircrew works, destroy engine room inside normal order, endanger flight security. All passenger in the flight must be subject to unit management.

9, anybody must not hamper with any excuse mechanism of civil aviaton safety, public security and other staff member carry out official business.
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