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Safety of Chinese civil aviation checks regulation
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General principles of the first chapter
The 2nd chapter brings check branch and its staff
The first brings check section
The 2nd brings check staff
The 3rd chapter brings check job service
The first passenger reachs the examination of baggage, goods, mail
The 2nd awaits monitoring of safety of machine segregation area
The 3rd civil aviation implement custody
In the 4th job that install check of special situation deal with
Education of the 4th chapter grooms
Award of the 5th chapter and punishment
Supplementary articles of the 6th chapter
Accessory one: The article that prohibits the passenger is carried or be being consigned
Accessory 2: Prohibit the passenger is carried but the article that can consign as baggage
Accessory 3: Seize the opportunity the articles for daily use that passenger set limit to carries and amount


General principles of the first chapter

The first carries safe on the rails to ensure civil aviation, safety of normative civil aviation checks the work, basis " law of civil aviation of People's Republic of China " , " safety of civil aviation of People's Republic of China guards byelaw " wait for concerned law, code, draft this regulation.

This the 2nd regulation applies to churchyard of People's Republic of China all civil aviation carry an activity, and the unit that concerns with civil aviation and individual.
Carry dangerous article to carry concerned regulation to deal with according to dangerous article.

Safety of the 3rd civil aviation checks a branch (the following abbreviation brings check section) . According to concerned law, code and this regulation, work through carrying out safe examination (the following abbreviation installs check to work) . The risk that prevents to endanger aviation security is tasted, contraband uses aerostat into people, safeguard civil aviation implement reach its place to carry personnel, the safety of belongings. The 4th job that install check includes to be opposite take civil aviation implement the passenger and its baggage, member that enter the someone else that awaits machine segregation area and its article, and the safe examination of airfreight, mail; To awaiting machine segregation the personnel inside the area, article undertakes safe monitoring; To carrying out the civil aviation of flight task implement executive custody.

Mechanism of public security of the 5th civil aviaton works to bringing the business of check branch undertake unity manage and be checkinged, supervise. The unit that undertakes civil aviation activity and personnel ought to cooperate to install check branch to begin the work, defend civil aviation safety jointly.

Discovery of the 6th branch that install check has what this regulation sets to endanger action of civil aviation safety, ought to give check and hand in examine processing by mechanism of civil aviaton public security.
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