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The State Council sets about what general aviation manages
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The first develops to promote the health of general aviation career, maintain public interest, ensure flight safety, in order to get used to the need of socialistic modernization, make this provision especially.
The 2nd every uses civil aviation implement the operation that is engaged in be production of industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and national construction to serve flies, and be engaged in medical treatment sanitation, rush to deal with an emergency providing disaster relief, ocean and environment are monitored, sports of training of scientific test, education, culture and visit wait for Xiang Fei travel activity (the following be called by a joint name is current aviation) , ought to abide by this regulation. The rescuing flight activity below emergency, carry out according to concerned regulation of the country.
The 3rd general aviation by bureau of Chinese civil aviation (civil aviation bureau of the following abbreviation) management putting in a mouth 's charge.
The 4th is engaged in the unit that general aviation flies or individual, run the company of general aviation business, ought to according to following regulation, fulfill application to examine and approve formalities:
(one) be engaged in or run province time of general aviation flight or business, examine by the civil aviation bureau, approval, grant general aviation license;
(2) of the general aviation flight that be engaged in or runs churchyard of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government or business, examine by administration of area civil aviation, approval, grant general aviation license, newspaper civil aviation bureau puts on record. After the paragraph examines and approve mechanism to receive application before, the decision ought to be made inside 3 months.
The 5th applies for general aviation licence, ought to have the following requirement that suits with bearing of general aviation demand:
(one) certificate of proof of aerostat classics civil aviation bureau, registration book, papers of posses comfortable boat. The countryman outside hire uses aerostat, should refer etc of the contract that rent to concern certificate.
(2) maintenance technician of flight personnel, aerostat and voyage attemper assessment of personnel classics civil aviation bureau is eligible, posses charter. Be engaged in the driver of the exercise in sky, ought to train through major, assessment is eligible, have the technical knowledge with the required work in sky and technical ability.
(3) uses airport and condition of machine Wu maintenance, can assure normal flight and exercise.
The 6th runs the company of general aviation business, ought to hold general aviation license, according to " industrial and commercial enterprise registers regulation " regulation, deal with the formalities that register, receive business patent, just can run business. Run the company of general aviation business, need changes general aviation licence to carry bright when item, ought to sign up for approval of mechanism of card of classics former hair, and ought to according to " industrial and commercial enterprise registers regulation " regulation, deal with corresponding formalities.
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