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Aviation of civil aviaton home carries the price to reform scheme
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One, the necessity of reform
(one) develop to promote health of civil aviaton carrying trade, the State Council decides to undertake reform to civil aviaton system. Civil aviaton freight rate reforms one of serious content that are system reform, must reform synchronism to undertake with system, in order to get used to the need that aviation carriage market admits.
(2) since reforming and opening, carrying trade of our country civil aviaton develops quickly. Market dimensions expands ceaselessly, the passenger makes the change that produced profundity, market competition is intense with each passing day. The management of freight rate of aviation of civil aviaton home experienced what from the government strict control arrives to loosen control gradually to probe a process repeatedly. Value policy is right of carrying trade of stimulative civil aviaton develop quickly continuously produced positive effect.
(3) the change as a result of macroscopical economy environment and market supply demand relations, our country civil aviaton carries valence is formed, the contradiction of a few deep administrative levels that exists in system and mechanism respect and problem are shown stage by stage. Main show is in: The price forms a mechanism unreasonable, price form is onefold, incommensurate market fractionize, passenger is mutiple level the requirement of demand; Administrative power is restricted to compare concentration, the play of fundamental sex action of market configuration resource is insufficient; Laws and regulations of government of civil aviaton price and market competition regulation are diseased, after running hand paragraph, market order is non-standard.
2, the guiding ideology of reform, principle and target
(4) guiding ideology: Send according to country of the State Council [spirit of 2002]6 date file, set out from our country national condition, on the summary, foundation that draws lessons from price of domestic and international civil aviaton to reform experience to teach a lesson, push reform of system of civil aviaton price active and reliably, the freight of civil aviaton guest that work up gets used to system of socialist market economy and requirement of civil aviaton system is defeated by the price to form a mechanism.
(5) basic principle: It is in the government macroscopical adjusting control falls, price of transportation enterprises of escalate civil aviaton counterpoises independently, compete through reasonable price, optimize resource configuration; 2 it is to establish the mechanism that forms the price through market competition, encourage aviation transportation enterprises to reduce cost, extend aviation to carry the market; 3 it is normative company management action, raise diaphaneity of civil aviaton price, protective consumer closes right increase; 4 it is to strengthen a government to be opposite of price activity supervise and adjusting control, uphold normal price order; 5 it is to suit show level economy to develop a standard, reform progress circumstance according to civil aviaton system and company system, active and reliable, cent pace advances the price to fashion mechanism reform.
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