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Buy expert airline ticket to apply for to deal with the formalities that allocat
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One, every quarter collect is declared, namely in April, in July, October 15 a few days ago, the four seasons is spent before November 30, by bring wisdom the job puts in management department collect 's charge to declare economic technologist to manage. The material that declare is as follows:

(1) bring wisdom the job puts in a management department official letter 's charge.

(2) application allocates funds buy list of expert airline ticket oneself (need to contain the following content: Zhang Shu of citizenship of full name of executive unit of name of project name, project, project, expert, expert, airline ticket, buy ticket reason oneself) .

The buys expert airline ticket oneself item that carried out every year December, below one year end is declared first quarter.

2, manage by economic technologist after examine and verify, financial department presses every pieces of airline ticket fiducial 10 thousand yuan of RMBs, each will be dialed to bring below airline ticket money wisdom the job puts in a management department 's charge. Each are brought wisdom the job puts in an airline ticket of expert of management department basis 's charge to aid financially a standard, by airline ticket bill or receipt (original) submit an expense account with airline ticket photocopy. Home buys expert airline ticket, need according to " the announcement that manages about strengthening on business airline ticket going abroad " (the word outside money [1998]283 date) ask to carry out, buy a ticket in the dot of the regulation that buy a ticket namely, obtain build have " airline ticket of on business of total bureau of Chinese civil aviation going abroad sells special rule " international aviation passenger transportation is special bill. Submit an expense account the amount of airline ticket cannot exceed airline ticket to aid financially a standard, press under what aid financially a standard produce amount actually to submit an expense account, will submit an expense account actually amount includes in those days balance sheet.

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