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Travel safety runs temporary measure
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< policy code > travel safety runs temporary measure
General principles of the first chapter
The first: To strengthen travel safety administration works, ensure safety of tourist person, property, the basis concerns law, code, make this way.
The 2nd: Travel safety manages the job to ought to be carried out " safety first, precaution is given priority to " guiding principle.
The 3rd: This method applies to the look forward to that pursues management travel business, institution.
The 4th: Department of various travel administration is in charge of an organization implementing this measure.

Security of the 2nd order manages
The 5th: Travel safety manages the job to should abide by unified guidance, manage by different levels, the principle that gives priority to with basic level.
The 6th: Various brigade parades politics management department, must be built and perfect travel safety administration.
The 7th: Various brigade parades politics management department, below the leader of local government, jointly with concerned branch, undertake administrative to travel safety.
The 8th: The duty of travel safety administration: (One) directive, supervise and urge, the circumstance of each code that look forward to of travel of examination our region, institution implements those who carry out this method and country to make to involve travel security;
(2) safety of organization, executive travel is taught and publicize; (3) the safe facilities examination before having start business to travel look forward to, institution jointly with concerned branch checks and accept the job;
(4) supervise and urge, the insurance system that examines travel look forward to, institution to fulfil safety of concerned tourist person, property;
(5) accept what tourist concerns safe issue to complain, handle jointly with concerned branch appropriate;
(6) how to build and examine working system completely soundly, hold Area of Safe Operation to discuss regularly;
(7) participate in the trouble removal that involves security of tourist person, property.

The 3rd chapter trouble removal
The 9th: Accident happening unit is after accident happening, answer to handle by following program:
(One) the member that accompany a person ought to report director branch instantly, the report when be in charge of a branch to ought to be reached puts in a management department 's charge;
(2) the concerned unit that produces the ground jointly with the accident protects the spot strictly; (3) undertake rescue about the branch in coordination, investigate; (4) concerned unit chief should be driven in time go to spot processing;
(5) to special grave accident, ought to strict according to the State Council " of short duration of order of investigation of special grave accident sets all right " undertake handling.
The 10th: Tourist of processing foreign country is great when casualty accidents, ought to notice following item:
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