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Aviation athletic sports runs way
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Aviation athletic sports runs way
(national Sport Commission made 15 release on August 10, 1991)

The first manages to strengthen pair of aviation athletic sports, the development of stimulative aviation athletic sports, raise athletic technology level, ensure flight safety, basis " flight of People's Republic of China is basic and regular " , the State Council " the provisional regulation that administers about general aviation " and " civil aviation of People's Republic of China implement comfortable boat regulation " , make this way.
This the 2nd method is applied to in churchyard of People's Republic of China all use civil aviation implement with aviation athletic equipment is engaged in unit of aviation athletic sports and individual.
The civil aviation that aviation athletic sports uses implement include plane, helicopter, glider, balloon holding a person, aeroboat to wait.
The aviation campaign material that aviation athletic sports uses includes the traction equipment such as umbrella of parachute, glide, pensile glider, model plane and winch truck, machine accepting demand.
Athletic sports of the 3rd aviation executes committee of athletic sports of committee of national athletic sports and province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government to manage by different levels system.
Committee of athletic sports of the 4th country unites the aviation athletic sports that runs the throughout the country. Main responsibility is:
(one) the provision that implements executive state law, administrative regulations to concern aviation athletic sports, make and implement the regulations of aviation athletic sports, system.
(2) athletic sports of work out aviation develops a program.
(3) make each aviation athletic sports train equipment of regulation of outline, training, competition regulation and aviation exercise to use uphold a regulation. Teaching material of authorized aviation athletic sports, pedagogy and juridical law.
(4) establish standard of technology of trainer of project of aviation athletic sports, athlete, ref, accept and organize assessment of professional technology post, issue corresponding letter.
(5) flight of athletic sports of examination supervisory aviation is safe.
(6) the countryman in undertaking uses aviation bureau (weigh a civil aviation bureau below) the job that concerns with precatory of martial director branch and aviation athletic sports.
The aviation athletic sports of our region of management of Sport Commission of the 5th province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government. Main responsibility is, the regulations system that the concerned aviation that bureau of civil aviation of the aviation laws and regulations that releases according to the country and committee of national athletic sports, China releases runs, carry out the management of athletic sports of pair of our region aviation.
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