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Why does the plane always rise with the wind fall against the wind and row
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The plane removes falling reason to basically have two with the wind, it is to be able to shorten what the plane takes off or land is slippery run distance, 2 it is safer. When the plane takes off, if wind is blown head on, below same rate condition, the lift that its obtain compares calm or downwind when big, take off quickly from the ground consequently. When descending with the wind, the resistance that can borrow wind will reduce the rate of a few planes, make the plane slippery road distance after land a few more contractible. The plane is having the rate when falling slower, stability is poorer, if make a surprise attack right now by driving side wind, the plane is possible deviate runway. To avoid this kind of risk, so the track direction of the airport wants to choose according to main wind direction of place. In recent years, as a result of plane stability rise quickly, wind direction is affected to falling since the plane reduced greatly. The plane also has traffic regulation in the flight in sky.

Common saying says: "The day holds the post of a bird high to fly " . To the plane, whether can you fly in random of 10 thousand lis of vast sky? The answer is negative. Because the plane is in,ethereal flight must be abided by strictly in sky " traffic is regular " . According to plane model, branch of air traffic control set different voyage height: 3000 meters are the territory of small-sized plane commonly below, 3000 meters of above are large and medium-sized the territory of the plane, and lay off the fixed air route with 8-20 wide kilometer. Every air route is divided into a certain number of height layers again, the height of layer of photograph adjacent height is gotten under 600 meters. The plane is in opposite, across, when surmounting a flight, must maintain the perpendicular interval that must not be less than 600 meters, in order to ensure flight safety and traffic are smooth.

The takeoff of the plane and land, should choose against the wind as far as possible and go, because fall since against the wind,can increase lift or obstruction to make leave ground rate or land of the plane speed decreases, can shorten consequently the takeoff of the plane is slippery run to be apart from or land distance, rise with the wind at the same time fall the directional stability in motion of advantageous still plane and maneuverability, safer, the rate when take off as a result of the plane and landing is slower, stability is poor, if encounter driving side wind,can blow the airliner crooked tilt, say commonly so, be in only cannot choose condition of against the wind and the ability below the condition with track sufficient length is OK and downwind land. The plane that does not cross present plane speed, weight and stability to compare the past has very big improve and rise, wind direction was reduced to the influence of rise and fall of the plane.

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