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Affect the weather of flight activity
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Because weather reason causes the condition that airliner incur loss through delay cancels even, believe many passengers have come up against, it is normal also to the passenger feels weather is very good or understand weather of ground of airport of the other side sometimes, still encounter this kind of situation however, suspect even to this scratch one's head over be decieved, and the processing that goes up in this bit in respect of airline, airport also is quite bad, the broadcast airliner incur loss through delay, reason that cancels even is very simple, 4 words: Weather reason. Because cannot get particular case,regard personnel of specific civil aviaton work, service as the likelihood or itself also understands a situation not quite, also cannot make logical explanation to the passenger, each district airport, airline often produces ultra conflict because of similar case and passenger, great influence is normal the airliner is run, plus media unwitting hype, civil aviaton of relevant section publicize not do one's best external, the fame of relevant airport, airline also is affected because of this.

Go up in this bit, regard civil aviaton as relevant section, should review current undeserved practice above all, release information of relevant incur loss through delay in time to the passenger, reason of specific incur loss through delay, put an end to take deceit, protracted kind, let must set his mind at the passenger, wait clearly, adopt proper measure to publicize knowledge of relevant civil aviaton. As the passenger, also should keep one's hair on, understand relevant knowledge appropriately, because airliner of weather reason incur loss through delay has an objective only,should understand, ensure the flight is safe, put an end to insecure hidden trouble strictly. Proper incur loss through delay is for the objective that we pursue jointly: Safe.

Aerostat flies in aerosphere, atmosphere element gives birth to major effect to the vivid movables of aerostat, the flight of inchoate plane gets the severe bind of weather condition, in the condition of visual flight, weather standard makes the main regulation that limits a flight.
The progress of aviation technology, make the plane entered the phase that can rely on appearance to fly only to cast off the tie of atmosphere greatly, but a lot of severe weather change. Be in especially the takeoff of 7000 meters of the following flights, plane, descend, the plane that appearance flies still wants to fly according to fair weather condition provision.

As a result of,be in weather not respect of airliner of fine incur loss through delay, do not stop actually the weather situation such as the gale that we can see usually, smoother. Below how to affect plane flight angle to make one detailed introduction to enraging a state these days to be being mixed from atmosphere ABC



Because the earth moves,wind is, the temperature in aerosphere differs and atmosphere force is different make air is formed in the convection on different way because wind speed is in high speed flight,affect to speed relatively lesser, consequently the driver of low speed plane needs to consider the impact of wind, the rate that flies when take off and landing is low, want to consider the impact of wind morely, take off and landing undertake with the wind, raised the airspeed of the plane thereby, shortened slippery on track the distance that run, added safety factor. The rise and fall when side wind, the driver must consider side wind to be able to make the line of center of runway of flight path deviate of the plane, the course that must adjust a plane consequently is greeted to the point of view with proper side wind, ability makes the plane does not extend deviate runway, the wind speed serious offence when side wind is certain when speed, cannot rise fall. When cruise, downwind meeting makes the ground fast increase, make the time of the flight and fuel many and managing thereby, it is consequently when cruise, the driver can strive fly on advantageous wind direction height.
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