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How to win the good seat in engine room
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The seat of in front of: Somebody has been done technically quite, the distance between the seat around of the part before discovery leans inside engine room of major civil plane is wider. In addition, it is when need inside engine room pass the night when, sit in more in front, morpheus suffers in front impact of passenger headlight switch is less, conduce to assure to rest on machine.

Stand by the seat of footpath: To the passenger with long leg, sit when relying on the seat of footpath to feel more easily fatigue in leg ministry, the dimensional change pose of footpath of have the aid of achieves relaxation goal. In addition, rely on footpath to sit to also make go toilet and rise the activity is more convenient.

Stand by the seat of urgent exit: From the plane of civil engine room sketch map can see, there all is more capacious space before greater part extension that pew that standing by urgent export position, and a lot of airline stipulate this position cannot sit the age is less than children of 13 years old.

The place that nobody takes: Although now by plane traveller grow in quantity, the sale channel of airline and method are advanced also, but in a few travel off-season or it is very easy still that a day of medium specific time seizes the opportunity encounter empty circumstance. Go up in plane of pass the night of a few long-distance sometimes, can see even lie in a whole sky on (the armrest between the seat is OK close) the passenger that sleep. Consider ground of not discourteous in engine room appearance " race to control " good empty place, need you to overcome bashful psychology and master a bit skill

Get online seek seat: Alive group is other the English site with kind of bigger name in viatic website " seat Bible " the seat guideline that is traveler of machine of the airliner outside taking. This website listed 26 the famousest airline on the world (the airline that does not include chinese mainland) the seat sketch map of all sorts of has type. Its outstanding place depends on, the seat that goes up to sketch map undertook detailed analysis explains, the seat of the green in be like a graph expresses " good " , maize seat expresses to deserve vigilant place, gules seat expresses the poor seat that should avoid. The meeting when corresponding seat jumps out in the mouse glide graph of the person that browse a dialog box, what explain this seat in detail is capacious degree, easy is measurable etc is relevant information. Because these analyse the report of the each country traveler that all crosses these seats according to sitting truly to reach, accuracy is very tall.

How to win those seat

In advance conducts boarding check: Deal with a bit earlier to the airport board the plane formalities is meant bigger choose a leeway. Scarcely wants be ashamed to be opposite at putting forward you to bar staff member the requirement of the seat, understanding to state means effectively quite is: "The seat that exports that to discharge to safety of my in front of please " or " the seat that gives my in front of to stand by footpath please " . If you consulted,preamble mentions " seat Bible " website, checked oneself to be about to take the relevant material of order plane fitly, should write down the designation on a few websites to be green more only " good " number, direct newspaper gives opposite party can.
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