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The children toy of resonant magnet cannot board a plane
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It is a toy likewise, just not not play to the child of Guangzhou by plane " resonant magnet " when installing check too however, with affecting a flight normal safety is reason, be prohibited taking a plane, although consign,also do not allow.
From the airport the place that install check understands, this kind is cast to the whereabouts in sky to touch the magnet that ringing noise can give out when attacking very popular on market, but have very strong interference however to the plane, affect the normal flight of the plane, because this is,prohibit the passenger is carried and prohibit dealing with baggage to consign. In addition, the airport installs check to still remind a passenger, light explode easily article, magnetic material, emulation gun, caustic material, compressing the article such as gas is to prohibit the passenger is carried and prohibit consigning those who board a plane as baggage.

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