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The value of good safety belt is tied when seizing the opportunity
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Seize the opportunity for protection the passenger's safety, every seat on the plane deserves to have safety belt, the passenger answers according to aircrew reminding is good safety belt at any time. When the plane takes off, rate is very rapid, and because the reason of climb has very old point of view, the jolt that operates reason occurrence aircraft because of low altitude cloud, wind or driver to prevent, shake, skew, because collide,cause a passenger and get hurt or other contingency, so the passenger should fasten good safety belt before the plane takes off; Stem from same reason, the plane is in when cloud layer passes through in sky or encountering faze take offense to flow, the plane is in showing is good safety belt, the signal that fastens good safety belt should be shown on the plane only, wu asks a passenger to act accordingly quickly.

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